The Mandingo Breeders Club

concerning the white wives and daughters of plantation owners who sought out Mandingo men for sex. I don’t know whether those white women were experiencing some kind of white guilt, and trying to make up for previous transgressions against blacks, or if they were just in it for the raw, uninhibited sex with superior black men. Or, they might have

Dogsitting: Day 2

she laid there panting and feeling the fluid pour from her blown open ass and she couldnt stop it. She made herself get up, her legs wobbly, and as she washed herself off the shock wore off. Her ass just got violated...and it felt amazing! her muscles were clenching and unclenching rapidly was like nothing she had experienced.She shut

Sister-in-law 4

see in. I caught her by surprise and continued to pull her pants down. She offered no resistance, and I dove my head between her legs. Her pussy was already wet. The moment my tongue touch her pussy lips, she moaned and arched her back. I reached up and grabbed her tits with force. I continued flicking her clit and sucking on her pussy lips. I

MARTHA 1: In Olden Days.

got her way and married trade instead of into a noble family. Because of that a large dowry had not been forthcoming, but there again, Sir William had no need of an injection into his considerable assets. A young and beddable wife with noble blood was compensation enough for a man whom, rumour had it, had sired, by seduction or rape, a number of

Im a woman aged 27 and im not married

woman aged 27 and im not marriedOne day as i walked in my neighbourhood i noticed a handsome man looking at me and entering my old neighbours house .Mmmmm i thought to myself who this man was and decided to go back to my house.I sat on the sofa and i decided to pay my neighbour a visit .I thought of the handsome man and i decided to look sexy.i

Reunited Ch. 03

personal information. Better safe than sorry, right?’ ‘Of course,’ said Alec. ‘We wouldn’t want you to go around giving her address to every man who asked for it.’ He tried to smile, but it didn’t reach his eyes. He understood the woman’s reluctance, but he could not abide such a mystery. ‘Is there any way we could get her phone number? We’ll

A Night With Ritchie

flatmates knew what was going on. I shut my eyes and moaned as I tightened around his cock, a pleasure most memorable. Shortly after I felt his cock pulse as he came inside of me. He stayed on top of me as we panted. I could hear both of our hearts beating. He kissed my temple as he pulled out of me, rolled over and held me in his arms and

Blake & Ben (A New Beginning) - Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Neighborhood

boys. Don't get me wrong, I still had guy friends. But, while they were mumbling and stuttering over words when girls would talk to them, I was confident and able to talk to the girls like it was nothing. I didn't find them sexually attractive. Hell, I was only nine - I didn't even really know what that meant. All I knew was that I found myself

Tawni's Story - Chapter 1

my mind high on sex once again. It’s feeling so good, I just can’t take it any more. I feel like I’m going to die from having too much. I push her head away from my pussy in an effort to stop and breathe for just a moment. I feel her head and face give way, only to pop up once again right up next to my face. Her lips are completely soaked with my

The End of Year Dance

The End of Year Dance       He wandered around the hall looking for her, the music was loud, the floor vibrated, along with everything else. Lights flashed a rainbow of color that bounced off the Christmas tinsel with sprays of sparkles and although the light was low he knew she wasn’t there. He checked with his mobile phone, but hers was

Making Love For The First Time

felt his hands pull my shirt off, and went around back for my bra. I had his belt undone, pulling the zipper down, and he slipped off his jeans. He pulled me on the bed now, climbing over me and taking his shirt off. He slid my pants down along with my thong. I loved the feeling of his bare chest against mine, he's so muscular and sexy I just

My First With Neighbour Aunt

her neck and I was like going on and on. She had cum several times while making a few contacts . I realized her sweating body and gripped her around with both my arms until I felt like my shot was ready. It blew away in equal milliliters inside her. When I was off my load, we kissed each other. I felt her warm body even in that conditioned air

Sex In The City - Chapter 7

that tonight she would experience the thrill of being fucked by another man.Robert took her hand and started to lead her toward the bedroom to join the others.Michelle pulled him back, “Let’s start in here, please.”“Of course, whatever you wish,” said Robert and he turn towards her, leant in and kiss her.Alice and Michael got to the bedroom door


just no tits. Now she realised that her husband was a tit man and she was lacking in that department. It took some weeks of persuasion before Deanna agreed to go to a plastic surgeon across town. She and Phil leafed through the catalog like ordering by mail. They agreed on a set of implants which would give Deanna about a 36C measurement.

Montherly Love

between her legs and licked the bottem of her pussy to the top of her clit, over and over again, my face was deep into her mound.. she started to moan, load, and then started screaming, Oh yes, yes my son, lick me, eat me, oh yes. i could only lick faster and slide my tounge into her vagina as far as it could go, her wet hairs tickled my nose, i

Emma Ch. 31

boys invariably found their way into Maisie’s bed and with very little difficulty inside her vagina and occasionally her anus. Maisie made little distinction between her girl- and boyfriends, and often made love with girls from her college, an activity which Emma had less difficulty in understanding and no difficulty at all in participating in.

A Bride Chapter 26

the village pub obliged them with their beds for the night as well as food for us all and expressed his pleasure when I told him we were taking over the cottage intending to start a market garden business from it."I'll be a customer anyway," he said, "I have to drive into the city every week at the moment for all my vegetables and at the peak of

Summer Job

seconds and then she  cried out with a big, "Ahhhhhh.....". She was through.   The remaining two had gotten up from the couch and were laying on the floor in a hot 69. Suzie was on top and lapping slowly at Sandy's pussy and Sandy was nibbling at Suzie's labia. I got on my knees and inserted my dick slowly into Suzie's pussy as

Dance for Me – Chapter Eight

groaned. Eventually he decided to pull out the batteries and the alarm abruptly ended, allowing calm to finally descend. The sunlight streamed in through the windows and he turned his face away, trying to get back to sleep. The ceiling fan whirred softly above him and he could smell his own stale sweat. He felt like a mess. It had been past

Daddy Caught Me Masturbating (part 3)

dear bring the food in my room if you will," I heard his door close as I took in a deep rough breath. I pushed my panties off and tossed them on the bed. Getting up and pushing my gown down as my wetness dripped from my fingers and my cunt. I closed my door and went straight through the living room and into the kitchen getting ready to make

A day never to be forgotten

the tip of my cock I waggled it a bit and ticked her cunt lips. Then she just lowered herself down and I could feel my cock going deeper and deeper up into her. It felt awesome – she was going down really slowly and I could tell she was getting as much out of the sensation as I was – if not more as my cock slowly penetrated her vagina. I could

My Surrogate Stepson

too. Dad, Mom and I never discussed what Mom and did when he was gone. Mom said she needed help from me with stress which was aggravated by his absence. She would say she needed ‘help getting the kinks out’ at the end of the day. Massages really seemed to help her.”“All women have kinks at times. Speaking of kinks can you slide your hands down

Alone In The Locker Room

18 this summer. My friend, Amanda, just had her 18th birthday last month. Amanda and I rushed getting out of our gym clothes so we wouldn’t be late for class. Her glistening muscles bare and nipples poking through her sports bra. My pussy dampened at the sight of her down in her bra and panties. She had on a white polka dot thong that rode up her

Blurring The Lines

we pull them apart. Marie kisses my husband deeply and I lock lips with Jean. After all, the tastes on their lips are ones we're familiar with! We kiss for a few moments, as the guys take a bit to explore unfamiliar territory and it's OK with us. Now we could simply give them the show we promised, but well, we figure they were good sports so they

California – The First Night

moan from Todd and then soft slurping sounds. My wife was blowing another man just feet away from me, separated by only a door. All that I could picture was my wife in her red bikini that I had bought her, on her knees in front of the tall, tanned, blond man, taking his huge cock into her hands and mouth. I was sure she wouldnt be able to fit it

Teaching Svetlana

she was born into. She was raised by her father in a very strict Catholic home. Her mother died giving birth to her third brother. She had several aunts who gave her a female view. However all of the aunts were nuns of the Catholic Church. So she had a very biased and sheltered life. She dressed like a boy and her hair was cut in a mannish style.

In Flight Service

you think you’ll be able to sleep now?”Really, I didn’t know, but I did want to sit down and rest for a while.“You should try, we’ve still a long way to fly and you’ll have more energy when we land.”Jackie held the door open for me, and stood to the side so I could slip passed back into the cabin. I wanted to say something, but was again beaten

Naughty wife (Copy of pics part 2)

thrust. i felt his balls slap my ass as his cock explored my hole. i was so horny it only took a few of those thrusts before i cried out and came on his cock while he was in as far as it would go. my already wet pussy became flooded as my body convulsed on his cock. he laughed at me and called me a slut as he pulled his cock out slowly. he moved

Pastor Sarah Ch. 17

her the purchase and sales agreement. “You have earned your bonus” she said inviting him to follow her upstairs. The initial plans were for the two of them to spend a weekend at the condo in Atlantic City that Barbara had given to Angie and Samantha. Since she had already promised to fuck his brains out that weekend, he could not imagine what the

Daddy paid for my accommodation at a sex resort.

the right thing, and is rewarded with the pussy clamming-up around his cock and making it tighter. For a woman to orgasm during sex with an audience of men watching, such as happened to me in Spain, invites all these strangers to release themselves into her, especially if she is alone, and can’t stop the gang bang. I went down to Spain alone in

My Sex-Packed Holiday – Chapter Six – A Blowjob and Some Pussy Licking

pussy, and wondered how on earth I’d managed to get my whole hand up inside Abi’s – not just five fingers, but right up to the wrist. I certainly couldn’t do it with mine, I was much too tight. Just thinking about it made me want to come again. I even made myself pee a little, and watched the pale yellow stream run down my leg and mix with the

The Rut-Breaker - Part II

he retorted. “You will need something silky, short and easy to push back.”Helen moaned.“Are you touching yourself?”“Yes.”“Take a picture for me.”“Of me in the bath?”“Touching yourself, yes.”“Send it to you?”“Yes.”“You... you won’t let anyone else see it will you?”“Your body belongs to me Helen.”“So you will?”“Just send me the picture Helen. In

Mercy, My Love

wrapping his thighs around her head holding it as he fucked her mouth. Spent, she laid legs apart. Three fingers found her cunt and arched her back and neck, admitting his cock even deeper down the passage. Her body convulsed with each stroke in her cunt and throat. A flood poured onto the clean sheets. Choking, caught in his legs, she swallow

Be Reasonable. Do It My Way Ch. 07-08

the offered folder. ‘What’s this?’ he asked. ‘Accounting sent it over,’ said Gloria, ‘It’s probably something about the audit.’ Harry looked at the folder grimly and grumbled, ‘Crap! If it’s not one thing it’s another around here lately.’ Then he held up the folder and said, ‘I’ll deal with this later. Right now I need you to…’ ‘…isolate a still

Sex Dream Come True

over my head, took off my bra, and slipped my jeans down over my hips, pausing to caress my ass as she took off my thong.   We lay down on her bed and looked at each other’s naked body.   I admired the silhouette created as she lay on her side, and I reached out, lightly running my hand from her breast down to the valley of her waist and up the

Tales Of Sport And Hunting : Part Two

face with an imposing nose, her nostrils thick but her cheeks graceful and her chin strong, though not too prominent. Her ears however are and very cute too, going along with silver-framed glasses that have bright brown, almond shaped eyes beneath the lenses. Her dark-red hair, hangs in a bushy ponytail and her lips are very thick, rosy and the

Perchance to Dream

to the kitchen and returned with a tall glass of Chablis in crystal wine glass, placed on a silver tray with a yellow and red rose lying on it. Jenny gulped down the wine so quickly that Ryan burst out laughing. ‘Let me just get the bottle.’ He returned and filled her glass. ‘Thank you. You’re so nice, but I should let you go home.’ He looked

The Inner Sanctum

local government. His ability to process vast amounts of information and produce hard hitting reports had got him the top spot at the council. He had achieved Oxford against all the odds by working harder than all the others. He had this success - yet he was without a woman. He had dated many in the past and had discarded them not having found

smokeSCREEN : bookpHOR

awake enough for a chat?’ ‘A short chat?’ ‘I didn’t really think about it. I just… wanted to sit back and talk like we used to.’ Even in the blackness, I can see her grin as she nods. ‘Want some gossip?’ ‘Sure.’ ‘Cat’s pulling two months in the kitchens for betraying the floor,’ she says, crossing her legs as she sits on the mattress next

Caveman Lust

I decided to complete my conquest and introduce her to something totally unexpected. I slide my fingers down over the tight skin of her firm ass and found the tiny elastic-rimmed anus cradled defenselessly below. It is soft and warm and I feel its tiny crinkled lips working in time with the grinding of her buttocks as she pushes against my

Horny Secretary

a private investor who made all his money in stocks. He only established New Edge as a front to avoid talking to his family. My job was to tell all family members that he was in a meeting or on a conference call. What he really did all day was play Xbox, watch TV, workout in the office’s gym, and more than he’d like to admit, jerk off to various

Study Buddies Part 1

simple, cute, and all together necessary in the Texas heat. Her hair on the other hand needed serious attention, so she quickly wrestled her wild ash-blonde ringlets into a thick side-braid that ended at her right collarbone. Then she stepped out the door just as her phone buzzed with another message. Bring food J *** A few minutes later,

A Fine Substitute

close,” I said as I slid back into the bed.“You’re too sweet.”“Besides, I want to come on those tits, not in a rubber.”  I reached over and rubbed her nipple.“We still haven’t solved that blue balls problem, have we?”I shook my head slowly and gave her tit a squeeze.She tipped back the water bottle, drained it, and then negligently tossed it to


beers and made their funny jokes. Mommy whispered to me that when guys start drinking, most of their jokes are about sex and we should be real cool. After about five minutes of their joking, Mommy said, “hey, why don’t you go on up to bed, honey? Kiss everyone goodbye for now.” And so I did, on their cheeks of course. I noticed real quick

Modeling in the new apartment.

pushed out past her legs and against her lips, into her gaze. “Ok, don’t be shy all the sudden, Mr compliment. You’re a model too now, so use your hands to cover me.” With Jasons cock squeezed in his mothers thighs, he slid his hands up her body from her hips and cupped her breasts, with her nipples between his first two fingers on either hand.

Acquiring Her Panties

for a male and there was a gasp when the owner of his trophy briefs was named – Bliss Chapman with 2500 points, meaning their combined total was untouchable. The assembly whistled and roared and Bliss and Baker were called to the rostrum, Bliss clinging to his arm, where the chairwoman of the organizing committee presented Baker with the $2000

Trusting Rebekka – Ch 2

sitting I could not see if Nassri had inserted any fingers in her partner’s pussy, but there was no doubt when she moved her hand up between her bum cheeks and after mercilessly running the tip of her oily index finger around and around the pink puckered edge of Laisha’s anus, she finally plunged it deep inside her, making her yell and squirm. I

Recovery of a Hero Ch. 04

later, and waved. They waved back and came over. Shelly, who had been my friend since we started grade school together came over and hugged me. I hadn’t seen her since summer vacation started. Sandra, also hugged me. She and I had become friends in last year, and the 3 of us had done lots of things together. After the hugs, Shelly said, ‘So

Your mind is playing tricks

and switch on the female hormones within her own body which will re-set all the hormones so she will be “XX”, and we can give her a booster dose. As for when, I could do the breast in two weeks from tomorrow. The face lift will take about four weeks out.”Mark looks at Michele, “Is this something you would want? In two weeks you can have your own

In a Mood

it. I can feel myself getting hotter, wetter, my pussy is creaming on his tongue. I love the way his tongue feels on my clit, the long slow licks that tend to push me over the edge. But I stop him before my orgasm hits, I don’t want to cum like that, not yet. I tell him stop, which he does. I remove my leg from his shoulder, bend down, and kiss

He Took Her Out for a Bite

before Ambrose was to join her for a holiday. So she had packed carefully for the trip. There would be a lot of work but also, she was sure, plenty of time to relax. Vic the Vibrator came along. He always did, he travelled everywhere with her. She had packed three nice evening outfits, lots of tropical business and casual wear, and a significant

The 3 Weeks of Sexual Pleasure Pt. 1 (MOM)

broken when I told them that I knew what they wanted to talk about and that I wouldnt let it happen again. However, this wasnt enough for them. The conversation ended up being about having sex when youre ready and not making it something that you just do for fun. I chuckled in my head at the thought of sex not being fun but I didnt let it show.

Discovery part 3

I saw the most fleeting trace of fear tinged in there as well. My hands ran through her luxuriant brown hair, that sensual waterfall that cascaded down the arch of her back and I could feel her spasm at my touch and grunt at my caress. So we tumbled in that way, her on top and then I, onward and onward in an endless loop. As I won the struggle,

My hubby likes watching

me. He pulled me closer and started kissing me. He got his hand under my panties. I didn’t resist. So he just fucked me on the kitchen table. He didn’t know what to do after the fuck, he thought he had just seduced his fiend’s wife, so he ran away form me in a couple of minutes. When I got in the bedroom I found my hubby and a sperm soaked towel

The Deal

coming. And then, a white jet emerges from your constricted cock. Three, four waves. I feel my own orgasm building, and as it arrives, the waves of contractions on my asshole signal my cunt to follow suit. Shit. I love negotiating. I climb off you, and stretch my legs. And move into the bathroom. You don’t disturb me. You hear sounds of flushing,

Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 5

her really hard, came inside a bunch of times. After that, we went back to her place, she wanted my cock the whole time, lol,” Professor Kiemes read out loud. With a teasing smile, she looked up, watching Noah’s red face. “Professor Kiemes, I - “ “Call me Diana,” she said and put his phone on the table. “Here take it.” Noah grabbed his phone,

The Cocktail Party

some time. When I was finished working my way through the crowds in Alison's home, I decided it would be the best time to work my way towards my actual recreation for the evening. Scott was talking with a friend when I came up behind him to ask if he needed another drink. I don't think either of them noticed that I was heading in their

Fishing with my Father Chapter 3

and waited for me to dress her. I rubbed her pussy and she was already wet. Amy didn't try to stop me, so I began to finger her. I got on my knees and licked her pussy and sucked on her labia, while squeezing her nipples. I got her hot and just about to have an orgasm, then I stopped. I put a blouse on her, then buttoned a few buttons. Her

My Teacher 3

would completely ruin her if it ever got out, I've always wished we kept a copy of it. It was my first on camera experience, but it is far from my last. I hope you enjoyed this story as well as my others. I have may more, but due to my extremely busy schedule it is hard for me to find time to write. Let me know if you enjoy them and I will be

My Mother inlaw

She giggled and then turned to me and started to strut over to the bed. I stared at her hips swung from side to side and she inched closer and closer. She was biting her bottom lip and had a devilish grin on her face. Knowing my wife I knew what was about to come. As she got to the side of the bed she immediately reached inside my boxers. ‘Does

The Swans Neck: chapter six

of the earls, but since Harold and the Mercians formed the largest component of the Lords there, I thought if a foregone conclusion, and was surprised when Harold himself recommended Edward the Aethling. But I saw his wisdom. The assembled earls said he was too young and that they needed a man full grown and strong, and by common acclaim, they

The Secret Life of Emily Part 2

massaging them. She loved it when he played with her tits and gave a gentle sigh as her nipples sprang erect. She noticed a fat guy watching as Frank molested her. He stared intently, his large cock curving obscenely away from his hairy matted body.Emily smiled at the man. It turned her on to be watched like this and had to admit that she was

A High School Freshman learns about sex. Chapter One

her face.“Are you ready for this?” she asked.My answer was to grab her head and push her face down into my hot cunt. I sort of rubbed her face in my wetness and then let go. She took it from there and for the next twenty minutes or so I was in and out of Heaven several times. She varied from furiously licking my cunt hole to gently sucking and


Kim’s shaved slit before pushing her tongue right up inside one of the other girls said ” look he got a fucking hard on”Kim saw Steve’s dick was now standing up at 9 inches and throbbing, she heard a girl say ” get your sister” a girl much younger that the others was brought in and told to do with Steve what they had taught her, the girl went to

Getting Away

and '1995'. After two or three drinks, we went out on their porch to look at the full super moon reflecting on the lake. Logan explained that when the full moon was closest to earth, it looked larger and brighter than normal. Tonight was that night.  Logan was strangely quiet for awhile until he asked, "Are you and Nancy swingers?" I was stunned

Sharons Special time with Judge Cooke. Judge Cooke Series # 5

Cooke then sat down and he put his left hand on Jimmys thigh and patted him saying dont worry. He then explained that she will assist the upstairs maid and she will also be a live in now, He was explaining that she would be living in the room that was being cleaned. Sharon exploded, she cried and cried. He looked at Jimmy and told him to calm

Black Cock Factory 2: Mara

into Denny’s ear and walked away. Denny’s mouth hung open in disbelief.Terry: “Hey man, what the fuck did she just say to you?”Denny: “I can’t believe it! She said for you and me to meet her behind the trailers in the yard in five minutes, and that she wanted us to fuck her with our big black cocks.”Terry: “Well shit man! What are we waiting for!

My hot teacher.

a spotty, hormonal teenager with a big dream to be an ice hockey player.Now, the guys were making their way to the Northern Quarter. It was cheaper to drink there than in the professional, chic bars of the city. They wanted to get pissed, pick up a girl, and end up in the cheap hotels just outside the gay village. I'd been there before. Girls

Exploring The Windy City

increasing, and she brought her hands down my body to find my clit through my panties. She started rubbing as we kissed, my excitement growing still. My hips began rocking, trying to intensify the sensation. I heard people behind me, watching my ass in the air, my pleasure apparent. I didn’t care.A woman came up behind me, and asked if she could

Mother knows best

of her clitoris. It swept her away in waves of lust, as she clutched at the back of her head, running her fingers through her hair and pressing her face into her cunt. Her expert tongue flicked along her slit, caressing and sucking on her nub, as she was brought to orgasm. She held her on the crest of that, her fingers reaching up to tweak and

The Benefit of a Storm

veins on his glistening prick rose, up filled with a torrent of built up spunk lust and spurt outward, flooding Jean's depths. Thoroughly spent, Terry raised himself off her, stood at the side of the bed, saw Jean still sleeping and pushes his knob into her mouth. Jean instinctively closed her lips around it and licks ...the end He softly kisses

Crosswinds Chapter 8

figured out a way the two of us can be whole again.” She lowered her voice and ended with a smirk. “But it involves us cooperating and making Maddi realize how awful she’s been to us.”“What do we do?” Her eyes perked.“Just keep tabs of her for now. Find out where she’s living and what’s she’s doing. I’ll be able to help you once I get out of

Thirty-One Days A Bitch: The Strip Show

chest to his dick to his penis beneath there. Prestons eyes are leveled and unswerving away from her. He glances and stares at her mildly as she lies down there on their matrimonial bed, stripped fully nude and uncovered. She makes a slight, delicate and yet fragile movementone that has her large, chunky buttocks and goodly-sized breasts jig and

Turning the College Freshman Part 2

end this way. The knowledge did nothing to lessen the pain or the humiliation I felt.“Keep breathing and it won’t hurt as badly.”As the tip of his rock hard cock bumped against my asshole I let out a muffled plea to stop. This was met with a ear splitting crack across my already raw ass cheeks. I knew it was hopeless, and so I did not try again.

Deep in the Night Ch. 08

when I’ll get home.’ ‘Don’t worry about dinner.’ Jordan told her. I will get us something. Maybe carryout Chinese, that is, if you like it. I will meet you at the doctor’s office.’ ‘No, you don’t have to do that. But, I would appreciate Chinese. I’m sorry things got screwed up. There’s a key to my apartment under the door mat outside the kitchen

Adjustment Services - A father corrects his delinquent daughter

Nicole winced and trembled in fear. Night pulled back and brought the cane crashing down upon her exposed vagina with an audible SLAP.Nicole exploded. Her shrill high pitched scream was the loudest of the night. Every muscle in her contorted body was visibly straining.Dr. Night brought the cane down again. Her scream only continued at the same

Common Erotic Mistakes

were many, many, MANY times what I put in." Bonds, people do receive them for birthdays. But kids playing the stock market and making it their bitch is very unrealistic. It takes a lot of specific knowledge to even know what investments to make, even with knowledge it often takes luck to come out on top, and even if they get a shit load of money


murmured standing behind her as she stood naked at the balcony doors of her hotel room looking out over the mountains. His hands cupped her small breasts, his thumbs playing with her stiffening nipples. She could feel his arousal against her buttocks and turned round smiling as she reached for his erection. ‘You’re not so bad yourself.’ She

Futa Naked In School 10 - Loving Her Futa Girlfriend 1: Salome's Futa Temptation

flashed through my mind. My lust seized on them. The excuse to fuck her right now. To get that satisfaction I craved. I just had to cry out. I could explain it all to Paloma later.She would understand why I did it. Why I had to fuck Shelena. I did it for her. Because I loved her and... and...I wanted that big dick in me.I trembled, on the verge

That’s My Girl

with me while I pee, silent and serious. His face is almost always serious, but I know how kind he really is, and I smile. When I’m finished, he stands behind me to lend the support of his lean, strong body to my atrophied muscles while I wash my hands and face, brush my hair, brush my teeth and have a drink of water. Then it’s right back to bed


mouth, and her voice whispers, deadly soft in my ear: "this will stay there until you learn..." So now I am lying on the floor, blind and silenced. I hear a door open and then close. Lying on the carpet in a silent, dark room, I wonder what is happening. Leather has not given me instructions, I wonder if I am allowed to touch myself? My hand is

Just another weird day(edited)

took every bit of cum into her mouth gladly. Alice's breasts heaved up and down as she breathed heavily, they were pushed together by her arms resting on either side. Her hands in between her legs as she sat on her knees. Damien knew that she must be soaking wet, and wanting his thick cock inside her. After a moments rest he placed his hand

Life has perks

all things considered I would most likely put up a good fight but would probably loose in the end so I was still screwed but that was if he even came witch was highly  doubtable why risk such a good reputation for something stupid like this "girls" I said to my self "can't live with them can't live without them" Then of all things that could have

Fever: The Aftermath

collaboration or sympathetic feelings for the aliens. What they found was manifest resentment at being removed from the best situation either woman had ever found herself in. It appeared that they were one time prostitutes. Getting fucked two or three times a year was, to them, better than the ten to fifteen tricks a night they had to turn to

Blinded by the Sight

She leaned back, I looked over at her, what the hell. I rolled off at the next exit. I found a little cafe, parked the Duster a block or so away. I found a booth next to the window where I could see outside in case any cops rolled by looking interested at all. Becky ordered a burger and fries, I got one for myself. It was surprisingly good, it

Man of the House part 2

Daddy," she begged some more, pushing her ass back against me. "Fuck my pussy, fuck me, use my little pussy, please I'm such a little slut Daddy please use my cunt, fuck me like a little whore!" she whimpered.I was shocked to hear my sister, my defiant and confident little sister, begging to be used like that. I don't know if the defiance was

Nights of Alsitor; Hades Persephone

him by the hair on the back of his head and pulled him forward, pressing the bridge of his nose against her clitoris and holding him there. "Now, will you kneel?" "Yes." There was no hesitation, no pride, no resistance. "Are you afraid?" "No," he grinned manically, tugging the flesh he had been privileged to touch. "What are you?" Hades'

The week gets better still ( Pt 4 )

to try some thing new, with a well hung guy in my butt, I got Grant to aim Prince at my butt too, at first Prince didn’t seem to be able to find the way in, then Liz took his cock, held it firm as he pushed home. Oh boy it was tight, the guy under me groaned as his cock was crushed, and then Prince started humping faster, the look on the guys

Atta boy 2

my pussy," I thought. "When he sees my pussy he associates it with food. Somehow, I need to have him associate my pussy with mounting me and fucking it. But how?... YES, I've got it! I've taken enough college psychology courses to know how to train my dog to fuck me."I spend the next several minutes going over my plan... Then..."Barney,

Holding Down The Fort

we like to refer to as part of the ‘geek squad,’ or the group of soldiers that prefers to lock themselves in their room playing  various board games rather than interacting with the rest of society, so he was providing no conversation whatsoever.  While I was at the desk I just checked my email…nothing special, just the usual spam and credit card

harry 07

that he was in the body of an 11 yr old. The trick to this entrance was saying the pass phrase that each founder needed to get through his or her individual paintings. Godric squared his shoulders and said in a whisper that only the portrait could hear "Lions roar and the animals tremble, but when the raven gets mad, the Lion trembles" Godric

the Leopard Woman part 2

white seat which resembles a sectional couch. The crew had made us coffee, waffles and omelettes. We soaked up some sun as we cruised out of the Miami port. We had gone about 2 miles out when Heidi suddenly stripped her clothes off, dropped to her knees and started sucking me off! God she gave great head, and her enormous boobs were bouncing and

Anniversary Surprise?

came over and asked to dance with my wife. She jumped up and said sure, before I could object, if I wanted to. She loved to dance, but I had two left feet and felt uncomfortable on the dance floor being that I was so clumsy. I looked and as best I could tell, she was enjoying herself rubbing against him. After the dance ended, she came back


the chat site I was met with an extreme shock. The guy had posted my pix of Vicki in the chat room for all to see! Obviously, I was naive not to know someone could upload my pix onto there pc file. As I fumed at the thought of this man tricking me into exposing my wife to him then displaying her for all to see (including her face), I realized I

Like Blue Skies

again. Sometimes I worry that the clouds will always waltz so high above me, their only contact being the occasional tears of pity they cry down on this ragged planet, and the husks of what once lived here. I can’t remember the last time I left this tent. I lie here, staring up. And up. And up. I’ve become so familiar with the smooth fabric over

Six Degrees Ch. 05

Harry Nance, who stated that the EMTs have no legal grounds to sue, and no legal standing. An emergency appeal was flatly denied.’ ‘Meanwhile, a press conference has been called for 10:00am by Assistant Fire Chief William Jefferson, who was suspended by Sheriff Daniel Allgood pending an investigation into his actions last week in attempting to

Solo Masturbation with B

over and could see the man was about to pull out of the cheerleader. I wanted to cum at the same time, but I now knew that it wouldn't happen. I continued to play with my balls, tugging and pulling on them as I continued to stroke. I got faster, I could feel the precum oozing from my cock.I swapped hands, and grabbed my balls. I tugged on

The Intruder Day 3 Part 2

above the table. This is your new bed Cunt. He removed her blindfold and once her eyes adjusted she saw that she was in a cage. Masters tall frame almost touched the top of the the cage. Tonight Im going to give you a treat because you were so good in the car. Youre going to be allowed to cum as much as you want for the next two hours. He grinned

Charlie-Charlene Part 7

all the signs, but said, “Oh it’s much too soon to know, Honey. Remember that time I got pregnant in college and went for an abortion? I didn’t know until a week after it happened, and I started feeling nauseous.” He…no, SHE is definitely knocked up, Elaine thought, but said, brightly. “Charlene is probably shooting blanks anyway. She fucked me,

Pearls for Garnet

Linda. I clicked the ‘reject call’ button and let it go to voice mail. Looking at the clock on the nightstand I realized I’d only been asleep about 37 minutes. I flopped back down on the pillow and pulled Smokey closer to me. After lying there a few minutes I realized that I’d have to get up again. Throwing the covers off with disgust, I wrapped

My wife and the delivery boy

answer. Not a chance I dont thnk u have the balls, i answered back ill be in the closet he wont even know im here. Hell yes honey prepare for a show she said as she jumped up kissing me on the lips, I hope he is a least a little good looking. Well u never know what your going to get with a delivery boy, I just hope hes legal i said with a

True First Time Bi

but had occasionally checked out gay, transsexual and bisexual porn and enjoyed it a lot. When I did watch gay porn, I always found myself attracted to slimmer, blond ‘twink’ types. My room mate Matt and I are best friends. We had lived together for about two years. He is 6’2 with a dark complexion and black hair, athletic and muscular. I am 5’9

My fantasy

fantasy is to have a female with nice full tits join us and I would suck her nipples as he sucks mine. Then I would fondle her tits and we both are topless to suck nipples any time we like. Maybe they would both suck me, one on each tit. Then he and I would then suck her nipples and rub her tits. Love to rub my nipples against her nipples.Both of

Early Morning

arm to cup her breast. Her ass cheeks twitch in reaction, giving his penis a sensual nip, and she continues to queen him in this way while his fingers work on her nipple, and his mouth kisses her neck and nibbles at her ear. They have all the time in the world, and they continue to pleasure and take pleasure in these simple acts of love until she

Hidden Love Ch. 01

couldn’t move or even struggle, I knew I couldn’t do anything, I would just get hurt in the process. I nodded yes and he removed his hand from my mouth, but kept a tight grip on my waist. ‘I thought you said, you wouldn’t hurt me? Knocking someone out, hurts.’ ‘Pressure points.’ He said mockingly. I sighed for I knew I was defeated. ‘Ass.’ I

7-Eleven Slut

first story. Sorry if it seems a little crude. Please give me some good comments on how I can improve my writting technique and i will put more exciting stories up.*********************************************PS: To all those fans of sex related jokes, i am always finding new ones and will start to post them on this site. I hope that you enjoy

Local Beach Blowjob

month in Australia. It’s a great time of the year to get down to the beach and enjoy the warmth of an ocean breeze on your naked body while playing among the dunes.There aren’t many nude free beaches less than an hour out of town, but the local metro beaches have patches of virgin dunes that provide some great cover if you’re careful.As a married

Sexual experiments with a hot young latina - Part VI

inside. It was the perfect comeback insult but I was hoping that things wouldn’t continue to accelerate. Finally, Celeste broke the ice by saying "I certainly would." And there was more laughing with her fiance saying "What?" while he laughed good naturedly himself. Elena then lifted the dildo up toward her mouth and said, "I would start by


while I finished whipping the potatoes and carving the pork. I set all the food on the table, served the plates, and sat. I surveyed the table through unfocused eyes, just for a moment, and saw it surrounded by a family. A small wave of nostalgia washed through me, then it was gone, and we four had a splendid dinner. My girls and I always talk

Aunt Meg

I began to feel a sensation in my ball sack as if I were about to explode. Then Lori grabbed the back of my head and locked her legs around my head which drove my nose in to her pussy and she began to bounce and flop around. Then I felt the sensation of relief as I exploded in to Keris mouth. Keri tried to swallow as much as she could but my cum

A Nerd Family Siries : 01 Amylia The Gamer Girl

me deeper and harder. My pussy is building up and I am close. Close to cum by my own father! Then my father flipped me around, making me lay on my bed. He pushes me a bit so my head is on the edge, when I look up, I can see the screen upside down. I don’t care anymore. I just wanted my daddy’s cock inside of me at that point. But still my hand

Best Eaten Cold

He crouched down, a chastened dog, silent After her death he was too eager to palm those chattering rats off on his mother, a aging, bitter woman who would keep them out of his way by her domineering manner. He had not seen them in the three months since. Since- They had married for love, she a college student with dreams and a future. He, a

Father Moss

thinking of sex as he watched his older temptress ease the cork out of a bottle of Merlot, “it…it wasn’t the first time for me.”Elisabeth turned and looked at him, eyebrow raised. “Is that so?”The boy nodded quickly, averting her gaze. She poured a glass for herself and one for him. “Anyone I know?” she inquired with a hint of playful suspicion

Thank you

an agenda. I wonder if you have x-ray vision to see the contents of my bag. My dress is over my head in less than a minute, followed quickly by your pants hitting the floor. I moan as you drag your lips down my neck and pull my tits out of my bra. God, I missed you. I am breathless, this is exactly what i wanted. Your hands press my shoulders

The long weekend continues……Saturday

sexy in a black pvc skirt, with matching short black pvc zip up top and black boots. She quickly led me inside and I was abruptly told to strip naked, then I was taken through the patio doors at the rear of the villa. She took me over to where some thick metal rings were bolted to the stone floor. There was also a some handcuffs and a metal

Clothes Shopping Surprise... written by my friend

I moaned back "I do and would love lotsmore" as I felt her unzip my pants and pull my hard cock out. She stroked it acouple times getting it even harder. I then felt her soft warm lips slowlysliding down over my hard cock sucking me in up to my balls...hold my cock inher mouth feeling her tongue pressing against it. I moaned as it felt so

My BFF and I turned lesbian

like that, but then the idea just presented itself. “I don’t know what was about honestly, but I think I want more,” I said. “Me too,” Carrie replied. Then we began making out passionately for a couple minutes. Neither one of us ever been with another woman before, so this was something new to both of us. We both wrapped our arms around each

What happened last night?

While telling him my sex-life story I had omitted details of the single threesome experience, an unforgettable encounter with my college roommate and his girlfriend. One night when they were going to a party they invited me along, and we had come back three hours later thoroughly stoned. As soon as we had closed the door they started making

It all Began

I wont, don't worry about it.So there he lays, my beautiful cousin all exposed with his cute, little 2inch dick sticking straight up. I lay on top with our dicks touching. I can still remember the magical feeling on my young 3.5inch dick as both of our young cocks touch. Jesse: *Breathing heavily* Oh Josh this feels so good!Me: Yeah? Do you like

The Papergirl

or Pakistan or someplace. They're in the same class. Nice kid but she's not too bright either. Actually, the two together aren't bright enough to light up this room. I thought of introducing Annie to Brucie next door, he needs a girlfriend but I don't think she'd have any idea what to do with a boyfriend.” Shelly always went on and on. Boring.

Incest Vacation

turns dipping under the water and sucking on my nipples. Bobby said that it was time for him to go pick up Sue, the girl he had met the day before, so we all got out and went back to the condo. Bobby had threatened not to give me my top back and make me walk up the beach topless. I said that if it were a clothing optional beach I would love to do

Master Jon and I

kiss me and rub the pain away…”I’m sorry” I reach behind me to rub my smarting ass… “I’m sorry…” Master: To make it up, I slide down your body with my tongue and spread your legs wide and begin to slowly lick your swollen clit with my wet tongue. I spread your pussy lips and push my tongue deep down inside of you, rubbing your inside wall and

Lily, A Hijab Wife : Chapter 1 : Fuck is More Than Sex

as she put her hands on my shoulders. “Aw, maybe we could show you how sex actually should makes you feel.” She replied. My eyes widens hearing that as my cheek blushed. I am thinking what to say when I hear phone rang from my house. “Er, its must be my husband. I got to go now, catch you later.” I said as I open the door. “Sure honey, and thanks

Conference Stress Relief

My schedule was hectic, but after the day’s meetings and receptions, I did get back to the room mid-evening. My new friend met me soon after at my room. He was 70 yo, semi-retired professional (psychologist), who lived alone (divorced with kids and grandkids) near downtown. I met him wearing nothing but my black thong. He wasted no time in

Candid Shae Part 1

of my daughters perfect little body you could say that she was becoming pretty popular on the internet. I was just busy masturbating to Shae like I do every day when I got a message, it said “ I know you can fuck your daughter, message me if you want to know how”. So seeing that I thought fuck it why not, I repled “How?” he replied “ Drug her

The Online Erotica Writer's Guide to Etiquette

the past I’ve taken to great lengths to make sure no one knows anything about myself, but I feel as though at this point that’s a mistake. First of all because one particular reader found me out anyway so clearly if people want to they will, but also because if one wants to be a person on this site they first need to… be a person on this site.

A Gift For The Neighbor

I slowly pushed the door open a little more so I could get a better view. She took something out of the drawer and laid back on the bed. She then placed something onto the nightstand and closed her eyes. It was a dildo. She picked it up and put it down a couple times. She then proceeded to unbutton her pants. I stepped into the room and kicked

A Slave is Born

I made her to hold the liquid for fifteen minutes before allowing her to retire to the restroom and expel the two quarts. She took a great while to return to me, and while I waited, my cock shrunk. This irritated me and so I decided to teach her to never keep master waiting. “Again” I said and she knelt down again trembling under my touch. I

E005: The Next Day

you have done that you are to immediately send me a text saying you have your phone now. Then you will have thirty minutes to add my email and other information to my contact listing, and then email me from your phone to let me know that is set up. The store will have added your email account to the phone, so you will be able to do this without

A Jedi’s Training Ch. 07

He shrugged, and then wiped the fluid off around his neck. He felt his skin tingle a little bit, but there wasn’t quite enough of the nectar to affect him beyond that. Jacen clipped the three food capsules back onto his belt and headed toward the jungle clearing, toward the waiting shuttle. He could hear the sublight engines running already as he

Soothe and Seduce, Part 2

really do make everything less stressful. You… take care of me. At the party… The massage appointment… At the pizzeria… And tonight at the charity ball… And just now… All those times, I was following your lead, not you following mine. And I liked that. B-but I know I shouldn’t, ’cause it’s selfish. I guess since I’m a man… I have to be the one

Impregnated in Jamaica

natural blond hair and sparkling green eyes. My husband Ed is 35 years old and works as an editor for a book publishing house in New York City, and he always tells me how pretty and sexy I am. I am trim and fit from frequent workouts at the gym, and I have full and firm DD-cup breasts that look big for my small frame. But Ed says that my best

Happy Easter

Day party. He’s a total dreamboat named Ted. Like Rod, Ted packs a solid nine inches, but his is a lovely shade of dark-chocolate.  Had I not dumped my ex-boyfriend, the way would never have been clear for me to fall for Ted – and for him to fall just as hard for me.Ted and I spent the entire night we met in my bed. And we spent the next two days

Mom, Son and the slutty neighbor

boobs of his mom. Cindy was turned on to see this, but she felt really weird. She didn’t know what to say or do? “What do you think? Cindy,” Samantha said moving closer to her. Before Cindy could say anything Samantha kissed her on the lips. For few seconds Cindy tried to push Samantha away, but soon she started responding and her hands moved to

Blondie Gets A Treat

a laugh. “Oh haha,” I can't help but laugh with him. “I'm happy you think so. Too tired to cook now. Gotta love snow storms, huh? I'm happy you came home early,” I yawn. “Me too, Blondie. Those workouts are doing the job. Just so you know.” As tingly as I feel between the workout and orgasms, I had to believe him. I guess it is not so bad to be

College Roomate (Chapter I)

what about you?” “Twenty, it’s my second year here. I’m getting a degree in physical education,” –no fucking shit “-and from the guitar over there I’m guessing you’re getting a degree in music?” I shook my head, “The performing arts: I act and dance as well,” “Ahh,” he said, “very nice. Have you got a boyfriend?” I was a little taken aback by the

my two wives part 1

had time to take my shoes off! After an hour or so of our vigorous sex we sat down for a meal, and I immediately spotted a pack of the brand of cigarettes Mike smoked, and a box of matches on a small table beside an armchair.I pointed them out to Carol and asked her if Mike had been round. She said "he hadn’t but, that she’d taken up smoking and

Master In Training - Chapter 3 of 4

Even my own poor cock is discovering more life. Ted continues to impale her with every thrust. I notice her stomach expand slightly as his cock reaches its deepest point. Jennifer's arms are flailing out of control as he increases his intensity, and it looks like he may cum at any moment. Finally he thrusts one more time as far as he can and


in them.” “Right now, its only for you.” He matched Kylie’s slow rhythm, relishing in the feeling of her tightness. “Damn you’re tight as hell!” Kylie smiled and started circling her hips as she moved up and down on his shaft. Just like with Amanda he didn’t expect the rush of pleasure and held still not wanting to blow too soon. Kylie soon

He Lies in Wait

fortunate to have been standing casually in the lobby, rather than following the woman into the elevator. As such, he able to easily change course when she came storming back out. At a safe distance, he followed her. When she approached the vehicle, she removed a small magnetic box from the wheel well, and headed back toward the building. The man

Betty makes Paul a man.

where you will put your cock to fuck me. Feel how wet it is? When a woman is sexually excited she makes a slippery fluid there to help the mans cock slip in easier. Put a finger in there and see what it feels like. Think how good it will feel to have your big hard cock pumping in and out of me there. Now feel further down and there is another

When the lights went off

ready for me,” I explained. “Now I’m going to fuck you until you come again.”I rammed her, I dragged her towards me by the hips and slammed into her again. And again, and again until she whimpered.“Oh stop, stop,” she said finally, clamping her legs tight around me. “Sorry, I’ve never had two in one session – usually not even one. Are you going

Halloween Surprise pt1

since this happened but I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just turned 17a few days before my favorite holiday. Im a good looking guy, 56 maybe 140 lbs. Not the biggest guy in HS but not the smallest either. I have what I call camouflage colored eyes. Sometimes their brown, others green depending on what Im wearing. I have a nice slim


me in and confusing me with the storm of emotions that always seem to be twisting in her soul like a hurricane in the ocean of her crystal blue eyes.She leans forward and kisses my tear away before tilting her head and kissing me on the lips, a kiss that turns into passion that runs through our bodies, from one to the other and back, like a jolt

The forgotten room

I managed to even screw that up by dropping several gallons of harsh smelling cleaning fluid. I was reprimanded, and moved to the overnight or “graveyard” shift on the long-term coma wing. This is one of those places that everyone kind of gives up on. No one ever walks down the halls unless a massive alarm goes off. It honestly takes a code

Kitty Girls Day Out

of my many nervous habits. Kay says that I am constantly in motion, even when I am still, which isn’t far from the truth. “I’m home for the day, Ms. Sunshine. Keep me company until Mike gets home. I’ll pour you a saucer of milk, if you’d like.” She was teasing. Of course she was teasing. She had to be teasing. I wasn’t sure. All I knew for sure


little cunt, causing more of her juices to gush out and drip down my hand. I pump my fingers in and out of her pussy, hypnotized by the rhythm of her moans mixed with the wet sounds her pussy is making.I lower my head once again and gently flick her clit with my tongue while still holding onto it with my two fingers. I hook the fingers of my left

Solarium in Winter (3 of 3)

lowered his head, allowing her to pull it off of him. Then stood tall before her. Looking to the side of the bed as if allowing her to scan his body without acknowledgement from him. There was so much to look at. The way his traps sloped into the length of his shoulders. His ample pecs and stacked abs. The dip of his pelvic bones and the veins

Girl's School Pet

cuntal lips. She turned quickly back toward the building entrance, smoothing her sweater and brassiere back down into place as she walked. What she would do, she thought, was take a quick turn around the building to get her breathing under control and then come back to the room again, making as much noise as possible this time. Some little spark


but he wouldn’t stop. I felt a warm liquid fill my cunt he just planted his seed into me. As he slid his cock out of me warm black liquid dripped from his dick. As if he didn’t think I had enough pain and suffering he moved me to a standing position and leaned me forward. As he towered behind me he pressed his dick against my ass I begged and

My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 22

drinking from. He told me to get off the chair, lie on the ground, lift my feet as high as I could, and support my hips with my hands. I instinctively spread my legs wide as the beer bottle went to my pussy. There was no resistance as the bottle started to disappear inside me, but I did gasp a little as the cold beer flowed out into me.Ryan

New Home 4

My voice was more commanding that I remember it ever being. My voice dropped to a low whisper. “You may have explained everything to me, but I am far from satisfied.” Kassie and Karen both got up and each grabbed an arm, leading me to the bed and quickly undressed me. “Well, then I think we should satisfy our man, don’t you Kassie?” “I think we

My Two Married Guys

he told me he had gotten divorced, and we returned to doing it more often, but still sporadically.He now has a new wife, and again we do it less, but he still comes around. He likes to fuck and I like to suck cock, but as we got to know each other better we found we could compromise. And he also learned to like getting his cock sucked almost as

Gym time for Sasha

my legs wide I watched the now bursting yellow line, flow from my snatch. Reaching down to open my lips I noticed my now throbbing button, standing outright, pink and rock hard. 'Fuck,' I thought to myself, this is insane. 'I'm like a bitch on heat, a dog without a bone.' Leaning up and foraging through my gym bag I could feel my thin black hair


handle! I'll fuck your tight ass next, you naughty bitch! You go wagging your fucking tail at me, I'll damned well use it. You show your bitchin ass to me, just remember that it's MY cock that's gonna get rammed up it, uhh, ohh, nnn! You feel me, Nazanin? You hear me Nazanin?" My grunts and groans mixed with my words in a fury of lust.The dirty

Satisfied Desires

you across the room, nothing special about you, or so I thought at the beginning of the night. You were wearing a lovely shirt and jeans, the casual look for a male on a night out. I smile at you, hoping to catch your eye, you come over and we start to chat, nothing too flirtatious at the beginning. Just two people having a drink and getting to

Impregnating Paula

Dan went over the top, and thrusting fully into her, pulled her hips and ass tightly against him, as he shot spurt after spurt of potent cum deep inside her pussy. Holding his cock deeply embedded in her womb, she received every fertile seed. Without a word being spoken, Paula had been truly fucked and was satisfied at last. Her loving husband

Can’t Escape Your Nature

at his attacker. Cold green eyes looked down the shaft of a one-foot knife. In an instant three other men were on him including Blue-eyes. He kneeled and conducted a lightning body search while others threatened him down with knives and crossbows. Who the hell are these people? Dante thought, stunned. ‘Ok. Get up. Up up up!’ Green-eyes snapped

Adventures of a Trucker

lately, with everyone down on their luck and no jobs. I told myself don’t be a push over and go for the sex. I was right she was looking for money to replace a tire on her car that had gone bad. She asked me if there was ANYTHING she could do to earn this money as she wasn’t a mooch. Here was the opening I was looking for well before I even had

Joanne Sterns

kept in touch with my brother but only via e-mail. He wasn’t stupid, he knew why I bolted and why I was still out there so we kept the conversation strictly on him, his family and me. I still used my old skills and for now they supplemented the shops income since I now had Joanne working for me. Over the next six months Joanne’s courses increased

A Friend of the Bride’s

him the story about how I knew you in high school, he gave me this number.’ I knew very well that the only reason my agent would breach my privacy like that would be if there were good odds of some juicy publicity for his client. I vowed that there would be nothing for the tabloids resulting from this conversation. How incredibly wrong I would

You Just Lay Back

the sofa fast asleep with half a glass of wine left on the table next to you. There you are still dressed in your work clothes, which I always tell you are extremely sexy. Your work clothes usually consist of a smart shirt and a pencil thin skirt which emphasises your perfect hips and ass. I quietly close the door behind me and take off my blazer

A Tale of 2 Nerds - Enter the Stepsister

give a damn what you two are really fighting about, go to your rooms!” I should probably mention that Rebecca had moved into the guest bedroom … Right next to mine. The two walked past me, Julie grabbing my arm and pulling me along. I didn’t resist; she’d just pull harder. For some reason, Mom didn’t stop her.Up in Julie’s room, she slammed the

Rachel’s Rapture Ch. 01

Only silence was returned to her, the building was well insulated and there was no echo, but neither was there any one to answer her question. No one arrived to see what she wanted, and since she was left with no real options, she decided to explore the building. Rachel spent the next few hours exploring the building from its top to its bottom,

His Name was Man of Steel

entire time I was sucking him and being fucked, which probably lasted for twenty minutes or more.Since he had used protection, there was no need for cleanup, but I knew that I had been fucked pretty well because of the heat and throbbing sensation coming from my well used hole. I walked out without saying much of anything to him or him to me.

Bumped Off Course

my schedule a bit.’ Kay felt her chest get tighter as she kept talking. What was she trying to do? ‘If you can make it, stop by the will-call window at the gate and I’ll have your pass waiting for you there. And don’t forget to get me the bill for your dry cleaning.’ ‘That sounds like a great idea. I hope to see you tomorrow. And don’t worry

Perchance To Dream

which elicited a lovely little moan from Melanie.“God, yes” she whispered. “Touch me… just… touch me…”I cupped my hand and gave her two hard and rapid SLAPs right on her ass cleft, which made an interesting ‘Pop’ noise that I wasn’t expecting. My hand slid into her crack again, this time I rubbed her damp pussy lips. Pressing harder, my middle

Best Friends

MADE UP. She lay in front of me. My best friend for years. However, today was different than every other. She lay naked, her green-blue eyes shining in lust, her sandy blonde hair falling to her C-cup breasts which were heaving up and down. Her mouth in a perfect O-shape, her face contorted in pleasure. Her stomach taut as she tensed every muscle

She loved it more than me?

cold hard concrete, aching from whatever beating had occurred. I had secretly dreamt about this in the past. I secretly was excited. She stared me in the eyes with a smirk touching her lips. I found myself becoming more and more erect. As she tightened the straps around my wrists, she began to stroke my long penis. I couldn’t wait.Before long,


to look out the window. I looked across the street into the park, Sitting on a bench was my Santa! Dressed in a red lumber jack shirt and pants. He saw me, gave me a thumbs up sign I gave one back then ran out of my office down the elevator and out to the park. He was gone. 9 months later I had a baby boy with blonde hair and you will never

Submissive Angel Chapter 1

louder. He kissed her shoulders, her neck, breasts as he rocked his hard thick rod deep into her depths. Watching her writhe as pleasure took over her pain. "Yes, that's a good girl. Let it out""Oh yes!"She cried out as his thrusts became harder, longer, and deeper. She clung to him, screaming at the top of her lungs. He felt his balls start to

One Hell of a Ride

Luke’s cock all the way to the base without preamble. Luke bucked wildly, not expecting that hot mouth swallowing him whole. He muffled his scream with his hands as he embraced Caleb’s head with his thighs. Caleb moaned as Luke bucked under his mouth. He almost choked as Luke accidentally drove his cock all the way to the older man’s throat. But

A Night With Gillian

she shook. I kept at it. She came. I savored her juices and felt them wet my face. Her hands were tight on the back of my head, holding me tight. I glanced up and was surprised that her nipples had not blown off her chest. Her face and neck were so red she looked radioactive. She mouth was contorted and her breathing ragged. She pushed me away.

Garter Ardor - Part Two

bent over, resting her forearms on the marble. The hem of her dress was bunched up on her lower back exposing her bare bottom fully. The sexy black lace garter was in place, high on her thigh, exactly where I had fixed it a short while ago. “Fuck me, Billy,” she pleaded. I moved across the room as fast as I could. With my pants snuggly around

Shelly’s Valentine

remembered well. He sunk into it as he always had. It still faced the fireplace and his eyes rested on the pictures there. He recognized a majority of them but there were a couple of additions: Shelly and her parents at what looked to be her college graduation as well as one that seemed to be taken in a professional studio. Jake propped an elbow

Sexy Annie Is Hot - Part Two

walked closer to her stepfather.  She kissed him on his lips.  Their tongues danced inside of each other’s mouths as he pushed his stepdaughter down to the floor.  She got comfortable on her knees while her stepfather spoke to her.“Suck my dick!  Show me how you love my cock!  Come on princess!  Do it for your stepdad!”“Are you sure my mother

Futa Naked In School 01 - Futa's Naked Temptation Chapter 2: Ginny's Naughty Desires

Freedom Act that encouraged college students to attend school for a week naked, free to indulge in their sexuality how they choose—turned girls into sluts. I thought it was a myth, but spending a day naked, ogled, touched, groped, and caressed by futas, and a few girls, had turned me on so much.I was dripping and aching for an orgasm.Then that

Enigmatic Rendezvous

as he fired globs of semen. Her pussy exploded in retaliation, tightening and sending a wave of fresh liquid to coat him. Screaming her orgasm sent waves of excitement pulsing through her body radiating from her pussy. She continued to ride him, wanting the moment to last forever. She squeezed every last drop of his cum before he extracted

The Gym Teacher

he says pulling me out of the shower. We head into the locker room and sit on a bench. We start to kiss and his hand grabbing my ass. " I want you inside me" i say to him. I flip over and i hear him spitting into his hand. He spreads my ass cheeks apart and spits in the hole. "Ready?" he asks. "Yeah, go for it" I say in return. I feel his head

Space Station Wayfar Ch. 01

asked as he entered the room. ‘Because I felt like it,’ Francesca said flatly. Stepen frowned. ‘That is not a good reason. We do not have many readers and it will take time for the technicians to convert this station to a proper biological base.’ ‘Fuck you,’ Francesca replied. ‘Rebellion will not benefit you,’ Stepen pointed out reasonably.

Sam 8

that we were told a great untruth. Though they haven't always been that kind, they have protected us. This," here the elder pointed to Sam, "hasn't proven anything yet." Turning to Sam he stated, "Though you uncovered what was a spy in our midst that does not prove you a friend."Sam still hadn't moved as he nodded his head agreeing with the

Orgasm Control and the Sissy

climax – although it may take days or weeks. If the sissy does not reach orgasm after an extended period of arousal, it is called “erotic sexual denial.” The chastity device is removed and the sissy’s clit erupts in a spray of juice. In either case, the goal is the physical manipulation of the sissy to keep her “on edge” to either produce a

Watching My Sister Lisa Have Sex On Holiday

me. I knew Nick was a bit shocked by my labia (guys often were), but I wasn’t going to apologise for them. His fingers were between the folds now and my sluttish posture – leg cocked on the chair – was turning him on.Then I heard Lisa. The doors leading to the balcony were still ajar, and I could see her and Carl softly lit in the balcony porch

My first Miniature Mare

I had hit puberty ahead of my class mates and found my avenues of exploration very limited. I had a few girl friends starting in the 6th grade but none as curious about things as I was. By 7th grade I had managed to talk my girl into going all the way, but couldn’t get the deed done. This is when I discovered that I was well above average in

A Big Mistake

Stephanie leave the school with Joanne and Iris and as they walked down the steps and strolled toward the bus stop. He couldn’t help but feel horrible after what had happened. How could he have acted like such an idiot? He had never behaved in such a manner before this. What had ever possessed him to make such an erroneous mistake? Earlier that

The Stepmother Part II

father was gone once again. The first months this frightened Amelia, because she knew that once he was gone her stepmother Penelope would get a lot stricter than she was when he was around. When Magnus was home she was lenient. She never yelled or punished, because she knew how much Magnus cared for his spoiled daughter, but once he was gone she

Becoming a cum slut

was so erotic.Chris had turned towards me to watch and his cock was now slightly touching my thigh and the thong, I could feel his balls pushing against the side of my leg and his cock kept making contact with the top of my thigh as he wanked himself off. I found myself starting to increase the contact turning my hip slightly so his cockhead was


felt such things, but I know they must exist. It’s as if I have this knowledge in my cells. But I am always forgotten and never desired. I have accepted this without regret. Once, in a crowded elevator, your hand brushed my bare arm. You didn’t mean to. I’m not even sure you knew you’d done it. Most certainly you never felt the shiver.

Be Gentle

me. Dawn must have heard me because she turned.“Mike, what are you doing in here?”She bit her lower lip and her right hand that hung along her side played with the hem of her skirt. Oh yeah, she knew what I was doing there.“Dawn, I have spoken to your mother a lot lately and I am very disappointed in your behaviour. You are a good girl, and all

Meeting Curtis, Pt. 2: Rehab

he responds, swallowing and fidgeting a little, "like a few months, or longer." I turn all the way, getting on my knees on the couch."Months? How will I know if you’re okay?" I ask urgently, surprising myself with my nervousness. He smiles weakly, shrugging."I…come with me," I say, pulling Curtis by his wrist into my bedroom and gently push him

Little Amy, Part 1

hands working her nipples. He kept licking and sucking her pussy until he heard her gave a sharp moan and bucked her hips, her juices flowing over his face as she came. He pulled his face away and moved up her body, stopping to kiss her lips, his tongue again sliding into her mouth. He pulled away quickly and whispered into the young girl’s

The Defiled Ch. 03

tonight. She looked past them, expecting to see one or more of their boys trailing behind them looking excited, but was surprised to see no one with them. ‘Remy is just making sure all of our belongings make it to the guest quarters, and he should be along shortly. We’ve been trying to bring him along for a visit here with your settlement for

Brother / Sister Incest Porno - Part 1

stared at each-other. I couldn't believe I got an erection from kissing my sister, and she must have felt it as she was wearing only a blouse. She smiled at me, and I smiled at her, something which we've never ever done. When she unwrapped her legs from me, I sat in between her legs and I thought of what we could do next."Okay now, we need to

Miss Bentner Takes Charge of Elizabeth – Part 2

both submit to her: Miss Bentner looked at the two bottoms still bent across the table. She knew Emma will be wet with anticipation for her ‘afters,’ finger and tongue sex. It happened regularly after she spanked the 17-year-old. She knew Elizabeth also got aroused by being disciplined. After all, why else go with Sarah Parker to the nurse’s room


but pulling out just as she reached her limit. The drool dripping from her mouth was sliding down her chest to mix with the wetness between her legs. Now that she had him in her mouth, she wanted him in her pussy. She had to feel him inside of her, truly impaling her. Reading her mind, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and using the ring on

Queen of the jungle

scene from her vision was other worldly. Phosphorescent lighting that was both yellow and red lit up the chamber, which was a hall that was roughly as large as a large auditorium in a university. Leah saw multiple couples engaged in erotic roleplaying. There was a light skinned man on her right, wearing a buffalo head, and stark naked, and

Unexpected pleasure

you and would never want to do anything to hurt you. If you want to stop all you have to do is say the word." I looked into her eyes as she replied "I love you too brother and I have wanted this for a long time. Thats why I have been wearing what I have to get your attention. Just be gentle because you are my first." With that being said I stood

The first Loving kiss

a few times and gushed in . holding Imitaz tight I have waited for many many months for you oh sweet golden balls ..i have seen you and longed and paryed .. Imitaz whispered i knew where the ball was ...I wanted to be with you as you smiled my sould flipped overturned ..i wanted to join in the nigh of your blackness ..... Imitaz was

What Happened in Vegas...

knows these days? She looked over at me and smiled real big and asked “Hi, how are you?” I replied, ”I'm doing great, how about yourself?” She said she was doing well also. I wanted to keep the conversation going, so I of course asked the lamest question I could possibly have asked: “Is this your first time in Vegas?” She looked at me a little

A Sentimental Heart Ch. 06-07

man, no woman in her right mind could hold out to that lethal brand of sexiness, which he just oozed. However as she got to know him as a person, she realised that he was actually a really nice guy. Someone she could talk to (when she forgot about the lusting after him) that is. She shook her head in exasperation at her own weakness and bent her

Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land

Anyway, they are heavy duty into the survivalist movement. They might let us stay with them." Any group holding its own for fifteen years might be an answer to our current housing crisis, depending on the depth of the batshit. Too deep would be too weird."Okay, you've got my attention," I gave her a kiss, "Tell me everything you know. Who are

Craigslist Afternoon

five inches. It's very enjoyable when that soft cock your sucking begins to get hard. I went back and forth between sucking him all the way, working on the cock head, rubbing the cock all over my face and sucking his balls.This was the first time I was using a cock ring and I think it did a good job of keeping me hard. We were on the bed,

A Genny Story.... Meeting Melly

said "We'll talk about that later."I turned towards Karen a little and let my left leg slide over hers. Ikissed the side of her breast again and pressed my wet pussy against herhip. She turned towards me and our mouths met with a tender open mouthkiss. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I gave it a little suck. Ienjoyed the kiss and just lazily

What if She Wakes part 1

came to Florida with me and my mother for a nascar race,’ Jason said to me, as we cuddled on his bed. I stared at him with an astonished expression on my face, my eyebrows slightly arching and jaw dropping open a little. He immediately noticed the reaction I gave and said ‘OK, fine, it was just a suggestion. You don’t have to go if you don’t want

Allison 5

having sex anymore. They are real boyfriend and girlfriend now, and I won't get between them." Jen replied."Makes sense, I get it. So when family members have sex, do they all end up dating like you guys?" Hayden asked as she looked at me."It's very rare, but it does happen from time to time. Me and your aunt Allie are an example of that

My first black cock

On and on, back and forth. Finally I opened my mouth and the words fell out: ‘Since you’re here all alone tonight maybe you’d like to have your cock sucked.’ There, I said it. I won the argument. Or did I lose it? With a dismissive motion of his hand he said ‘naaah, I’m good.’ I was relieved and disappointed at the same time. After about 30


I’m nervous because you are so damn hot and I hope you like me, too. When you get here, I welcome you in. I suggest we watch a movie so we can get comfortable with each other. We pick one of those cheesy romance movies where the girl always gets the guy. As the story unfolds, you and I get closer and closer on the couch until finally my hand

A Defender of Men

about paternity fraud. I intend to post them all over the city. You see, even though I hate both men and women, I simply cannot stand by and allow injustice to take place. When I started out, I was little more than a sociopath. I didn’t care about anyone or anything. Nowadays, I’m infused with a deep sense of responsibility and ironclad morality.

The Jogger/ A Sock Snagger Tale

my car. I slowly unzipped my jeans and my throbbing cock sprang forth like an arrow shot from a bow. Shiny precum covering the head. I took a deep breath and inhaled the young woman's essence once more. I began to feel the hint of the horizon of my impending orgasm.I took the sock and slipped it over my hardened cock. I shuddered at first just

That Special Evening

for that matter. I could smell the sex in the air and sensed the imminent explosion.As these two cocks impaled her she remained silent, almost as if she couldn’t distinguish what was happening. I strained my mouth to hers and she kissed me like an animal, forcing her tongue deeper into my mouth than I thought possible.Then I felt an explosion on

Take it Easy - Chapter Six: Much Ado About Nothing

the surface of the sun. Side note: I suppose I should explain my mom's "usual policy" in more detail now. She has a sort of realistic mindset about teen vices; she believes that, by trusting me to behave responsibly, I won't become addicted to alcohol or sex later in life. It's a sort of European approach: let the kids drink some wine when

Forbidden Lust Part 1

to. I thought I was going to die from horniness. He looked me in the eyes, I looked back up with the same amount of lust. He said “touch it.” I wanted to, but I was torn. I knew he was drunk, and probably still stoned. I really did love him, even if not in the way a niece should love her uncle.Using more restraint than I thought possible, I

Three Sisters of Delta Gamma Ch. 02

remiss in not mentioning at the beginning of Chapter 1 that I had a plethora of great help from readers who volunteered to edit my stories. This story was edited by six wonderful folks living in the USA, England and Australia. I only know their emails and not their Literotica member names, but they know who they are and I appreciate them.

Who has Who Three

surprised that after a second or two I returned the kiss. Rose let me go and looking in my eyes said that was what I wanted to talk to you about. She walked back out and I followed , we said out good nights and I went up to my room. I got into bed and kept thinking about that kiss not really sure how I felt about it, before I could decide I

Show You How Ch. 01

long morning pee, I headed out to the kitchen, hoping coffee will do the trick to wake my mind up, before Ginny decides to inquire about my date last night. Luckily, Ginny must’ve been in her room, finishing getting ready for work. The kitchen and living room were empty, giving me the quiet I needed to wake up fully and attempt to prevent the

The Favor.

been with another woman before because when they were done they blushed like crazy but didn't take their hands away from the places they'd been so occupied with a few seconds ago."I hope this has been educational for you two," I joked.Penny looked at me, then at Tammy, and said, "Yeah, I learned I like to watch, that I'd love to fuck you, that

Gold Digger (color Of Cold)

the land owner. Then the setup of the cabin. Since QE2 didn’t want to Miles and company to putz around, they were going to pay them for a ten week season no matter how long they had to film. Once the gold digger team approved the series, the contract called for QE2 to retire all the excess footage. The agreement was to pay each of them $20,000

He Sent Me

or earrings. On her birthday morning she had diamond stud earrings in her ears. She didn’t say anything. She wore slacks and a sweater, her standard uniform. Mike arrived at ten-forty-five. He opened the door all the way and said, ‘Delivery, Ma’am.’ She took the box and started to cry as soon as Mike was gone. I typed nonsense. She opened the box

True Love Online

affirmation. I had joined an internet story site which allowed its members to interact. After reading the stories available, I decided to try my hand at writing some myself. They were well received. And there were chat rooms available. One could get to know other members of the site, on a one to one basis. There was also the capability to have

Romantic Night of Camping

beneath my tits, as if hes done with them, then suddenly feel him suck hard on my right nipple, pinching lightly with his teeth, while pinching my left nipple with two fingers of his hand, squeezing me with the other three. Ohhhh-OOOhh-ooooohhh!!!, I cry out. He massages my tits in a circle, and I feel the head of his cock against my wet pussy.

MAX is a Freak part 10

46 year old beauty before him was married for the past ten years to Cindy's stepdad Ernie . Max was getting bored ,so he hypnotized Nina as he had done Cindy . They both followed him to his basement dungeon . Where they both stripped naked & followed him to the bathroom where they found Sonia , hogtied,ballgagged & buttplugged on the floor . Max

Julie Goes Out Dancing With Dave And Ward

to his room she told me, "He made me suck him."I loved fucking her afterward, knowing that pussy of hers had been gripping and stroking another man's cock not too long before, knowing she would be all fired up, wild to have sex me. She was! It sure was great having another man being part of our sex life. I just wish Julie was still into it.

A true love story

now a real women. Jack pulled her in and kissed her shoulder. Neither one could think of anything to say because nothing needed to be said. They had just shared the most sensual experience a being can share. It was like they were one and the same and has they lied there staring into each others eyes they knew that they would be together

Just to Get By III

interrupts my thoughts. Straightening up I see the senior in a white tank top and jeans, his hands on his hips. I smile weakly. “What’s up?” I ask. “What’s down?” is his reply. It sort of irritates me, but I let it go. I just shrug my shoulders. “I know what you need,” he says, grabbing my arm and pulling me up off the bench. “What?” I ask. He

Mr. Martin

is nice and wet for me isn’t she?” He laughed. “I knew you weren’t a good girl, a good girl would never be this dripping.” Slowly he pumped the finger in and out of my pussy. Just as I started getting used to the feeling of it he added another finger and moved even faster. It felt like I was being split in two, but there was also a hint of

Her Teacher Has Sex With Kelly

need to thank me. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. I should thank you.” Kelly kissed his chest and then skittered out of his room. On one hand, she was glad the building had pretty much emptied out but on the other, she was disappointed no one was seeing her cleavage. Just as she got to the front door one of her male teachers from her

A Fire Inside Ch. 07

incoherently as her body began to shake as the force of her orgasm came over her. “Hunter,” she screamed as she cam, holding his head between her legs as he furiously tongued her, sliding his fingers in and out of her. After a few moments, she was pulling lightly on his head. “Stop,” she gasped, “I can’t take anymore.” Hunter stood up and pulled

An attractive couple

do that in the past so I pulled on his bridle and he stepped forward impaling her fully. Another minute and Joy was gasping for air.All she could say was, “I feel so full!”After that she just closed her eyes and enjoyed the pony that was fucking her. She smiled and she even started to thrust back at him. He was certainly enjoying the attractive

Will I Regret this, Tomorrow - Part V

I do not have sex with woman. Hell, I've hardly had sex with men!"Putting on her most pitiful face Joan turned to face Beverly. "You really don't know why I'm here? Well, I will show you why I'm here." Before Beverly could protest, Joan turned to squarely face her. She startled Bev as she ripped open the remaining buttons to spread her white

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 09

he supplied when she remained silent several seconds too long. ‘You know?!’ It was the first time since he returned to her apartment that Ana had spoken above a hushed tone. Her wide eyes and stunned expression were so cute, it made him forget the gravity of the moment. ‘When?’ ‘I figured it out Thursday night. I tried calling you—’ Sean trailed

A Family Affair Part 2

he worked a second finger inside her. She again moaned loudly, painfully, but begged him to keep going. She wanted it all she groaned over and over, lost in the new found pleasure of her brother's skill. His every move made her that much hotter. "Fuck my ass ass, baby...." she gasped, as the world again


firmly, “I want you inside me NOW!” I slid farther up to lay my weight on her. Her legs spread further and her hand grasped my erection, quickly guiding it to her pussy lips. The head of my penis rubbed against her and I could feel the wetness of her. I thrust forward and she quickly met my thrust with her own and I felt the rush of her heat

Bella Ana (Chapter 4)

but she didn’t think she could go to the dance studio that Todd had promised to take her to. Todd’s car pulled up to the curb and she stood up to greet him. “How was school today, Bella Ana?” he asked, hugging her. “It was okay. Classes were good, but the people are kind of mean.” She said, trying hard not to cry. Todd squeezed her comfortingly.

Moms, Friends, and Lovers

stilettos, and made her way around the house to the backyard gate. She opened the latch, glanced around and giggled like she was trying to break into her own house. Her skirt lifted and a breeze caressed her ass. She had wondered if her mom would be in the garden but she was nowhere to be found. She crept back to the driveway, waved to Stephanie,

Nail shop sex

her it was also extra exciting. She put the chair in the sitting position and at a high vibration position. Immediately I felt what the balls were doing. They were resonating, vibrating with the same frequency of the chair, but now in a very sensitive and effective position. Adding to this, my new girlfriend started to massage my scalp. The

Night Crawling

He pushed his fingers deeper into her mouth. “How’s that pussy taste anyway? You down with it? I’d take a sip myself, but I have a principle not to orally pleasure old whores. You never know just what they might be sticking in there when on their own. Better safe than sorry, no?”Donna cried like a child whose whole world was brought down in one

Alone for the Weekend with the Dog

least she didnt have to deal with her annoying family all weekend. Theres left overs in the fridge, her mother continued. She just kept waving them away as finally they said goodbye and were out the door. She sighed, about damn time they left. She gave it a couple minutes, flipping to another channel until the sound of the car backing over the

My Daughter-in-law is Hot

son, but since she has been married she seems to have settled down.But she is always around distracting me with her hot little body at family gatherings. In the summer she drives me crazy showing off her thong or bending over in front of me with her cleavage showing to where I was beating off to the pictures I was able to get of her discreetly of

It Took Awhile But We Got There

the trek to her home as soon as possible. After losing my way in the countryside several times I found her. We seemed to have known each other forever. She took me to all her favorite little haunts out in the country, and finally we made a date to actually go out. I took her to a movie in the largest nearby town a few days later. We had a good

Taking Me Ch. 01

it all over. Then roughly sliding my skirt off, you spread my legs apart to get a better look, you let out a soft sigh at the sight. You kiss up my thighs, and then I can feel your warm breath on my exposed pussy. You’re lips touch my clit, causing me to let out a gasp. You then start to gently lick me. The taste of me causing you to lick faster

Circus investigation

but i found it on the internet a while back and figured id send it here I found this story to be entertaining, and if you are into bestiality it is VERY erotic Enjoy ——————————————————————————————————————————- Welcome to Rome, Wisconsin, a rather quaint little town that normally wouldnt draw anybodys attention. Unfortunately for the residents of

The Island PT-1 Aboard the SERENA

some extra sleep real quick. I wanna have as much energy as possible for today. Wake me up before we arrive." She snuggles her forehead into my neck and I put my hand on her side. After a few minutes, I move my hand up and down her side, slowly and gently. She lets out a subtle, happy sigh, and I feel her move herself up my side. She now

Taking a chance

more than a cuddle. Don't get me wrong, I supported her decision to stop working to raise kids. She was a good mother, and she kept a clean tidy home, tending to my other domestic needs, while I worked all hours. I'd 'played away' a couple of times, but never looked for a relationship. And now I am no longer in the spring of youth, or as slender

Not all big cocks are black

you for doing the repair that had been needed. Wanda spent a lot of time looking at Uncle Jeff's crotch whenever she could get away with it. When they were briefly alone after supper, Jeff stepped behind her and put his arms around her shoulders and pressed his cock against her ass. "Tomorrow, why don't you come over to my place for a visit."

Revenge, Inc. Danny Jenkins

to take you to a movie.’ ‘Yes, Harold, I would love it.’ They parted and that night both had the most wonderful dreams of the two of them in the out-doors making love under a full moon (with no mosquitoes) and swimming nude in sea somewhere in the islands. Harold Stasson was against the first in the office. He liked the calm and the quiet. He has

Madeleine Ch. 07

simply from such intimate closeness with my wife, closeness I hadn’t enjoyed in many months. But I had things I needed to do for Madeleine first, before I could surrender to my own passion. Keeping a slow, steady rhythm with my fingers on her sex, I licked my way down her neck, to her breasts, and began to feast on them, as was my custom. Her

Through Our Eyes #2

I could do the trial run tomorrow and if all went well be able to start analysis of data shortly thereafter. Leaving the university, I strolled down the narrow streets, passing several restaurants where throngs of people were keeping the waiting times too long. Although famished, I did not want a laborious meal and continued down to La Luna de

Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land

the last White Russian."Hell no! I hate splinters," I said."He shoots. He scores!" Darlene laughed as she raised her index finger and traced a point on the invisible blackboard in the air. "Nice one."I shrugged my shoulders. I could feel the rising heat of a blush. I squirmed in my seat under her gaze. As Darlene studied me, her dark look of

The Rocker Part 3

my thumb in her ass as I explode inside of her. We are grinding against each other, as we are lost in lust. I pull out and lay back breathing hard. She kisses me on the lips and is gone.It is morning and I am dressed. Ben comes down stairs and gives me a smirk. "Sorry, about my sister man," he says. "It is ok. She is a sweet girl," I say. "For a

My brown beginning part 14

a quick tug. Ok ladies and Donny your Mom said yesterday on the phone I could be in charge was that agreeable to all of you? We all replied in unison yes Gail.Like I told you last week before my hubby passed we used to role play some and I would play the part of Mistress in charge and my hubby the slave.Sounds like fun Gail Mom said. Do you want

Fertile Valley 3

already. peggy whispered in my ear when she saw me staring at meagans chest. my lord, she could nurse twins with those things bill — hes huge honey. i better get her attention. earth to meagan peggy called out. tell daddy what you thought about the house sweetie. oh, yeah, well i liked the big trees out in the yard. its really a neat yard with

Total Woman Excursions 01

faculties from last night’s midnight festivities and, like Wynn, whatever after party action was could be found. Wynn had certainly found some, Janice had been a truly hospitable host guide in truly intimate ways. Wynn was having a very satisfying vacation getaway from his life of Wynn and Janice approached the stairway

Lunchtime sailing

nodded softly back.As I sat back down and leaned back I saw Amy look up at me with a mischievous little smile.I watched as Amy took off her glasses and stood up, placing on hand on the pedestal and the other on her hip.God she looked sexy! Her legs were slightly apart, the sun seemed to simmer from her curls.“You know” she started, “I said I

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 03

of what will happen to me if they’re ever discovered. I will lose my badge. I might also face some jail time. Though I’ve grown fond of them, I really hope they get their shit together within a year or less and then move on. Preferably without costing me everything. I warn Marisol to save every penny and she does, brave girl that she is. I don’t

The Boy on The Grass

He had me totally mesmerized. He collected up his things, put his book away in his bag, shook his jacket out and put it on, before walking off in the direction of a couple of large office buildings on the other side of the Cathedral precinct. I decided to follow him, I dont know why. I guess I was just so transfixed by that brief sight of a damp

love the way you hate

behind. have it back then I said pulling it over my head, revelling my boobs. well thats not the only thing thats mine, I brought you those panties he said licking his lips giving me a naughty look. I slide it over my butt looking at him over my shoulder if I didnt know better I would say you was just trying to get me naked I said biting my

Genie Tales

ripple through his cock, felt the confines of her mouth grow too tight. He could feel the head of his rod slip down her throat as his cock grew. He felt her tongue begin to caress the underside, and watched as she raised her head off of his cock. True to his wish it was long and decently thick. He could feel the blood pulsing through it, still

Our Passionate Play

pillows by the head board. That gave me room on the bed to nestle between your legs when I wanted to. I climbed on the bed over you, still clothed from the party. My clothing made you feel even more naked, more exposed, more intimate and sexual. Holding myself up with my arms and leaned down to kiss you, still tasting the lingering cum and

The Rose Petal – A Tom and Annie Story

direct link to my clit, and just the sensation of them being pleasured, can sometimes in itself bring me close to orgasm. Tom knows this and took care to take his time, starting with my right nipple. He took it into his mouth, rolled round it with his tongue and sucked with just the right amount of pressure. My head fell back with the pleasure as

The Perfect Stranger

to dance and lightly kissed all up and down her neck sending shivers down her spine. This slowly moved up her cheek, clearly his sign of allowing her time to object. She didn’t. His lips finally met hers, lightly at first. Just slightly grazing. Yet quickly became more heated as Sophie grabbed the back of his neck and urged his lips against hers.

Just Follow the Trail

to continue their journey.I continued down a strong neck to broad shoulders. They were shoulders I could lean on. Hair started on his magnificent chest. The trail was becoming more treacherous. I wanted to reach out and find his heartbeat with my hand but resisted my urge. Do I dare continue down this trail?I was led further down to chiseled abs.

I lit up both mom and daughter

she was bare breasted – she had removed her shirt on the way up and when I just stood there looking at her and was about to say what the hell was going on when she said if its good enough for my mother its got to be good enough for me and the age difference is nowhere near as great – I cant be more than a few years younger than you and whats more

No Choice

but on top of Amanda, their pussies inches apart. I started fucking Amanda, then quickly moved to Joan and her tight pussy. I switched every so often between the two pussies as I played with Joan’s clit. Joan busied herself with Amanda’s clit. It didn’t take long before the three of us climaxed, collapsing on each other.Looking around for Norma,

Starting Work at a New Company with Kelly, Part 5

we had the chance to fuck that night. I was loaded. I told my brother what a great cock the guy had and that he really knew how to use it. And then I shared how proud I was that he had taught me how to suck cock because he was right, boyfriends loved it. I had let that guy cum in my mouth more times than I could count and he said I was ‘a great


him happy. As he finished within me I thought of how I was going to get a sweet orgasm. He slowly pulled out, and dropping to the bed beside me he gave me a very passionate kiss as he rested. I reached over the side of my bed to pull out my vibrator from my ottoman, and placed it on my clit. He sat back up eagerly to watch. He began to finger me

Heavy Petting

as she did so, watching her ample ripe mounds of flesh in the tiniest of yellow bikini tops bobbing in the water. She kissed me gently on the lips, and then pushed back a bit, still holding onto the rail with one hand. I loved the girl already, even though this was only our second day together. I was the happiest eighteen year-old on earth. She

Why I Hated The Guy From The FBI Ch. 15

it. The winch operator was a half second faster than the orca. He swung the tuna clear of the gunwales, as the great black and white shape appeared again, looking for the remainder of his meal. Charlie got back up and looked over the aft end of the boat and yelled, ‘That fish was mine, you son of a bitch.’ Two men pulled Charlie back into the

The Scullery Maid's Tale

penetrate her. She clicked her tongue at him and he began a slight rocking motion that she matched, so his cock began to slide in and out of her by as much as an inch or two, over and over. She reached over and turned the hourglass upright, and the sand began to flow as she carefully controlled his excitement with the pressure of her feet on his

Forbidden Part 1

back was bittersweet."Sasha, you up here?"  Monica shouts from the cherrywood steps leading upstairs. "Yes, Monica, I'm in my bedroom trying to hang these pain in the ass blinds," Monica chuckles as she opens the bedroom door. "Need help with that?""That idiot guy at the store told me these blinds would be easy to hang, I'd like to smack him with

The Nervous Game pt. 2

slowly slid my cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy, her moans and tongue pushed Emma close and closer to her second orgasm of the night. After only a few minutes of fucking, Alanna came violently, screaming into Emma's cunt, in turn causing her to squirt her juices all over Alanna's face. Seeing that I had yet to come, Emma sat on the couch

Preteen Exploration

to argue, Mark jumps up, unbelts, unzips, and pulls his school trousers down. “Mark” I exclaim, “What are you doing?!” As he pushes his underwear down, I am filled with intrigue. His 5” cock flips out over the hem. “Showing you how they’re used” he replies. I am stunned into silence as I watch with awe, as he effortlessly opens the condom, pulls

Shes a Runner, Rebel, & a Stunner: Chapter One (Edited)

of clothes on my floor for some pants and grab the first pair I see. Just as Im about to slide them on, the hairbrush slips out and I turn red all over again. I glide my hand across my nipple to see if I could finish, but the mood is gone. I sigh and make my way downstairs to the kitchen. Hey, mom. Dad said you could use my help? I pop a piece

wedding night

tares it down the middle and then grabs my bra and rips it right off my breast showing off my 36D tits bouncing around he goes and captures one of my nipples in him mouth and sucks and pulls then grinds his teeth very gently to cause a little bit of pain a moan escapes out my throat then he mover down to my stomach and sits back up and rips my

Medieval Torture

was just moments away..,he kicked hard with his metal shoe in my rectum…i cried in pain and powerlessnes…then he kicked several times on my poor tits which lead to a continous leakage of breast milk from my nipples the whole crowd was laughing on me so in disgrace i closed my eyes thinking that this man has complete control on my body and he

My Hospital Stay: Wednesday

only served to enhance the experience for both of them by connecting them.Carol gave a few deep strokes to get the feel of his cock. The musky smell of sex only intensified with her touch. Her stroking began to fall into the same rhythm as the lovers on the screen. In the porn video, it was the woman who made the sounds of pleasure while in real

Vanessa's New Life Part 02

‘approved’ length and I got a look of disapproval from the Manager but she didn’t say anything. I was shown the ropes and it wasn’t long before I served my first customer. As I was squatting down to help this woman I suddenly realised that I was in the ideal position to flash my pussy to the customers. I would have to be very selective but this

Hunters Ch. 04

what had happened. Most of them were missing hair or covered in suit. A few of them had clothes that had burned away in patches. Max counted 6 and possibly 7 of them moving around. He fired a short burst from the HK into the ceiling and whistled loudly. All of the workers’ faces shot toward him, looks of fear and panic on them. ‘Get out,’ Max


licked her face, then one went between her legs and started to lick at her pussy. No NO please stop them this isnt right noo she screamed out, even in the dire situation she was in the rough tongue of the dog eas having an effect on her clit. The other dog has started to lick her breasts and nipples sending ripples though Janes body. No please

Strangers Part 2: Strangers no more

down to the local park, let them run off some steam and get plenty of fresh air. We walked along slowly, enjoying the sunshine, drinks and a small snack from my back pack as the kids ran off and started to argue about who should push who on the swings.I sauntered along and parked myself on a bench at the side of the play area, I leaned back and

A First for Grace

for both her and Ryder. She steps from her car and softly closes the door. Grace feels like a new woman, different, being clothed in all black; a mixture of leather and silk. The five inch stiletto heels of her new black leather boots click softly as Grace makes her way nervously up the stairs of Ryder’s apartment building. “Hello, Ms. White,”

A Schoolboy's Secrets - Day Two: Abandoned Morals

reject be sent to our school because he’s too hard to handle. Today was that day when that reject turned up on our doorstepIt was a miserable November afternoon in a dreary Chinese lesson when this new arrival was brought in. And boy was it a surprise! He was tall, tanned and fit, three of the best qualities in my opinion. He had a spotless face

Castle Tour

he groaned until it tipped him over the edge.She felt his cock begin to convulse and in a split second, he pulled his cock clean out, and in the darkness, she felt hot splashes of semen jetting against her face, pulse after pulse as she brought herself to a climax at the same time, and her wetness enveloped her pussy.Not quite the castle tour she

First time with Cody 2

not reach. The shower was pretty loud but I still could faintly make a noise that sounded like the door opening. All of a sudden I looked over and saw the curtain shade fly open and Cody completely naked step in the shower. What the hell I though to myself this is a little crazy."Looks like you could use a little help getting clean," he

Cities of Power Ch. 01

workers lived. A master blacksmith and his four sons, their work was renowned as the finest of the villages and was valued highly in their bartering system. Talon had volunteered for the scouting party to find the source of the rumours and investigate their authenticity. His main motivation though had been to discover the fate of Clove, the

Peeping Tom

ready to change my wet shirt, from the running I had done, I heard two men moaning in the men's bathroom. I got curious and sneaked in to look.My eyes went wide looking at two big muscular men rubbing their cocks together and kissing savagely. They were literaly devouring each other.One guy moved back a little and bent over saying, "Fuck my ass,

El Torero: Chapter 3

did you guys have in mind,” I said forcing a coy smile. A substantial grin projected from Marco's face as he put his free arm around me and herded us into Tabitha's bed room. She wouldn't be needing it tonight anyway. Marco stood in the center of the room and drew us both close. He leaned in for a three way kiss, but I held back, letting the two

Joey and his Bullies 3

for my entire life!! Chad laughed and called all the boys in to watch. All of them came in and laughed as Gail farted, pushed his face harder down and laughed as well. I like your attitude, 16-year-old Chad said to Gail. Are you kidding? Gail said laughing in all his power as he smothered Joeys face All this fucking loser is good for is this! To

Gang war fare

if he did not he would be kicked out the gang and left to the mercy of other gangs” he slowly started to undress with Karen watching and smiling broadly, after a minute Steve was stood naked, Karen said ” yeah a hairy dick” to his horror Steve felt his dick growing and soon had a full erection, Karen looked at Mark who said ” go on you know what

Taken On A Train - Custom Story Contest Winner #1

is in no way associated with Lush Stories other than their gracious hosting of the results. For more information on the contest or to submit an entry, see: Original entry by: Cheltenham Location: A busy subway. People are bustling about, packed in shoulder to shoulder and they are naive to what is happening close by. Three items: A leather

My Shannon

she can feel the way she does about me with what her father did to her, I could definitely save her. “Run away with me,” I said without thinking. Her eyes again met mine. “I’ll take you away from here and you will never be hurt again.” Without a vocal response, she jumped at me, pressing her lips against mine and shoving her tongue deep into my

Bed, Breakfast and Sex Ch. 16

Louise stood by the table waiting for him. ‘Sit down, sweetie,’ Louise said, ‘let’s eat.’ All three sat down. Steve poured the wine. They ate heartily. After dinner, they lingered over coffee, anticipating the night’s activities, but willing to delay them a bit longer. Steve was still amazed at his good luck as he looked at the two beautiful

16 plus 22 = Part 2

mouth and sucked it clean as I looked into her eyes. Her expression of her first sexual experience was one of being in awe. It was that lust that she expressed that I now craved. No other time that I had had sex before compared to the rush she was giving me. No one had made feel so important, so powerful! I told her I was going to eat her out

Tasting The Fruit Part 2

to her fucking fingers. This was better than I could have ever imagined. Better than getting it off to Julia Ann every night, better than thumbing through my dad's old hustler magazines, better than any of my fantasies. This was perfect I thought as my eyes started to close and her fingers started to drill in and out of me even harder and

me and my boyfriend

and i followed his instruction and wore the saree with matching blouse and peticoat.i put on lipstick and nail polish and some foundation on my face after that i cooked fod and served to my man we enjoyed the food and i noticed that my man was seeing me continuosly. after having food we went to sleep there my man made love to me he kissed me and

Sally’s Revenge – Chapter Two

loved Miss. Sally's stern tone of voice and wanted to submit to her again. She wasn't sure what might happen at the shop but she would masturbate for sure tonight, several times probably, and look forward to more punishment tomorrow. She certainly hadn't thought that any of this would happen when she stole the bra but she was now glad it was

Well Earned Job!!

who will keep all "job related" activities confidential. Reading your resume, you seem like the perfect candidate for this job and I would like to see you this afternoon at 2:00pm for an interview. If you are unable to make it, we can meet for dinner at 7:30pm tonight, as I need someone to start ASAP. Get back to me and let me know your decision

High and Nasty in the campground

Not one to EVER be out done by ANYONE when it comes to how much of whatever to get high, I confidently responded,"of coarse".Only a few moments had passed when both of us had our "rigs" ready to inject ourslves. Cringing I stuck my vien and pushed the plunger forward. Within seconds, my body was experiencing audio and visual stimulation like I

My Girlfriend teaches me how to suck and fuck a dick

possessed. I spitting and slobbering on the dick. Gagging and choking myself on it. Like my life depended on it. I placed the tip into my mouth sliding my tounge all over it while I placed both hands on it and pumped it as hard and as fast as I could. Eventually my girlfriend joined me. Sucking on the big balls in front of us while I worked the

I finally meet my online friend

back of my head and press slightly on them. You must be able to feel the waves of pleasure building, because you pull my head deeper into your pulsing pussy. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I open my mouth just in time for you to cum, your sticky nectar floods into my mouth. I drink it down, enjoying the tangy taste and do my best not to waste a